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Welcome to the Yellow Boat. We offer water taxi, transport and delivery services in the northern archipelago of Stockholm. Please give us a call if you have any inquiries - we're happy to help navigate your requests - email us here.

Water Taxi
Tours and Cruises

Quiet, comfortable and safe in our newly built Arronet Surprise 30i WORK from Öregrund in Sweden. Fits 9 passangers for any sort of passenger transport - tours to Ängsö Nationalpark, rides to archipelago restaurants or private trips out to the outer islands, picknicks or nature and wildlife watching. It's also very compatible for hard of walking, excellent accessibility via the hydraulic ramp. Hourly rate: SEK 1700kr/h including VAT when in motion, half when idling - waiting/loading. Full day charters peak season ranges from SEK 7500-10000.

Water transport
bulky items

Smooth, easy loading of small to midsize transports with our hydraulic bow ramp (160cm wide). Fourwheelers, kayaks, refridgerators, lumber, smaller moves. (Max load ca 1.2tonnes) Hourly rate: SEK 2000/h including VAT when moving, half when idling - waiting/loading.

Shellfish, packages

We do deliveries in the summer for fresh premium shellfish and fish, sometimes bbq items and some alcohol deliveries possible. This is primarily through our Thursday delivery schedules but is possible as custom orders if we have time. Packages and -ecommerce deliveries possible via mainland delivery partners.

Assistance and 
Boat towing

We assist with towing in case of boat trouble, petrol trouble or other malfunctions. We can also help with minor leakage issues but for actual emergencies contact the Swedish Sea Rescue Society!

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